Thursday, November 4, 2010

Everyone But Me

Last night, I had myself enrolled for the second semester. Because I'm such an adult, I brought along my mom. I insisted on her not coming, but she would go on with her speech about how it hurts to be pushed away and how I used to be such an adorable kid, etc. The point is: enrollment. POST graduate degree. mother. with his 20-year old son.

So after enrolling and getting some of my grades (so far, so good..), my mom told me she'd take me anywhere I wanted. While having dinner, I told her about one weird thing about me. And it's not about me not being straight.

Needless to say, she was happy to know that I've neither been drunk nor tried to smoke a cigarette. Now when it was my turn to ask her if she's ever tried to smoke, she went a bit too far and talked about the parties she used to have, and how she tried smoking every once and a while and... I WAS SO FREAKED OUT.

Apparently, almost everyone has tried it but me. I don't know why, but smoking feels so wrong that trying it doesn't ever cross my mind. In fact, an ideal boyfriend would be, foremost, someone who doesn't smoke.

While having a shower immediately before writing this post, I was thinking about how I shortchanged myself by compromising the qualities I'm looking for in a potential partner. It's like I'm always in a rush to find the best one I'm possibly going to spend the rest of my life with.

Now that I'm single, I can't help but realize how I've thrown myself in relationships I wasn't prepared for, making promises I couldn't keep. I was wrong. So from now on, no rushing into relationships--or no relationships at all, even.

The inevitable conclusion of this sembreak? Everyone's into smoking and relationships but me. Sue me.


  1. oh well, i smoke occasionally. plus it's a former job requirement [i'm in the media industry]
    i say don't try it! =)

  2. hahahahaas. my mom was with me too during my 1st sem 1st year enrollment.
    She was more scared than me when I was enlisting for my MS class at the Vanguard. (promdi lang, mama's boy pa)

  3. Maybe it's time you try to join the bandwagon for once?

  4. Desole Boy, so how does smoking feel like? Hahaha weird question, I know.

    Orally, pareho pala tayong mama's boy eh. yeah! :))

    Victor, in time, in time...

  5. tried smoking nung highschool ako. curiousity ang sisihin. pero hindi ko talaga gusto at dahil may hika ako, never ko na talaga nagustuhan. :)

    ang cool ng mom mo. :)

  6. tried smoking but found no satisfaction... my last attempt to smoke was last sem to ease the pains of Nego, but to no avail... Hehehe. Happy second sem!

    PS. You don't need a relationship, law school is enough mistress already. :)