Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Movie Week!

So many good movies are happening this week! No, they're not screening.. they're happening. Why am I a poor law student, WHY?

Anyway, I told a former classmate in Criminal Law 1 about this cute little trivia. I raved a little (okay, maybe I did rave a little too much) and how I want to see these movies so badly. He then responded, "Wanna watch?"

The bomb was dropped. I snapped back to reality. This is the same classmate who tried to be smooth with me and asked me to "hang out" after finding out that we live in the same town. The same classmate who pulled the "I'm a secret agent, but if I told I'd have to kill you" card on me. Yawn.

Although when I think of it, he may just really want to "hang out"...I think that's one of the most annoying things about this lifestyle. You can't really say for sure who wants to watch a movie with you as a friend or as a date. Why can't everything be black and white and be as it is?

The truth is, the sem has begun and I'm not studying ANYTHING. Which is why I'm blogging one post after the other. And which is also why I'm craving for human interaction, which I normally can live without for a day. Even porn isn't enough to fill the vast amount of time I have on my hands.

It's driving me crazy, the fact that I'm away from home already without anything to stress over. Except maybe the grades that haven't been released...It's just so weird, to be in law school and be so lenient at the same time.


(And for the record, I know I am sooo going to regret saying this later on.)


  1. I thought at first that the first movie's title is in German ("Letmein") and I struggled in vain to figure out what the farck it means. And then I realised it's actually "Let Me In."

  2. Funny. It's a remake of what I would call (only because I'm not sure if it actually is) a contemporary classic: Let The Right One In! Watch it! :)

  3. even porn? hahaha

    and not studying. what happened to you? :P

    ienjoy mo lang yan. :D

  4. weee... kakatakot naman baka mabore for life ka na niyan...