Who's Arwind Vera?

Obviously, Arwind Vera is not the blog author's real name. He lifted Vera from a case Vera v. Avelino, which is memorable not only because it's one of those cases that defined Philippine history, but also because he was grilled in a class precisely because of a failed recitation in the same case.

Back in his undergrad days, he made a bargain with his parents: to stay in college and take the qualifying exams for the law school where he is now. By some calculated twist of fate, here he is now, waking up at 7 am, and studying until the the next day...at 7 am.

Law school isn't all sad and depressing...not all the time, at least. When it's sad, it's dead depressing. But when he passes an exam he thought he failed or hear stories about how justice can still be delivered, the pain subsides and there's something else that grows inside him: hope. He is a frustrated idealist.

Love? He's been there and done that. Or has he? He's not entirely sure that, after six failed relationships (two with women and four with men...or were they boys and girls?), he knows--or feels--exactly what love is. He's about to stop the trial and error dating phase, defined by randomly dating people in the hopes of finding 'the one' (which, being a closet hopeless romantic, I still believe in). Why? Because it's a royal waste of time. Serial dating takes a lot of work.

So this is who I am. I used to be stressed 90% of the time, but law school decided that wasn't enough and had to bring my stress level to a complete and optimal level.

Stress and negative emotions aside, let's be friends. :)

Let's talk! Email me at arwindvera@yahoo.com.


Five years hence, I have (a) graduated from law school, and (b) passed the bar. For reasons I keep telling myself (and sometimes talk about in my recent posts), I have decided that writing is the only way to keep me sane.

It brings me back to my roots--before Twitter, Facebook, and every other technological breakthrough that has made writing impossible to get through without being distracted.

So, let's see where this goes.