Friday, November 2, 2012

Before the semester starts

Year III. Sem II. That's where I will be a few days from now. And that's how long this blog has lasted. I know I haven't been the most consistent, OC, and gramatically correct law student-blogger out there, and I have mentioned absolutely nothing on my law school experiences when I should have. But I have to give myself a pat on the back--this has been thus far my longest running blog that I haven't deleted, including the ones with my (real) name on it.

The reason for my relative lack of blog posts is not that things have gone by so fast. They have not! I can't remember ever going through a long-drawn, gruesome, torturous ordeal worse than law school. Some people hate it, very few love it, but I think everyone who's gone through--and is going through--law school can agree that it is anything but easy.

I can't describe it, really. The experience is one for the books, but I can't quite describe it fully without potentially exaggerating or understating exactly how it is. But what I know is, coming in, I didn't really have any idea what to expect. And when I had an inkling of what it's gonna be like for the first few weeks I was in it, I put myself under the insane belief that I could skate through with digests, bar tips, and other shortcuts. Thankfully, I learned early on that, as in most obstacles in life, there really were no shortcuts. You just have to go through with it. Of course there's always the option of joining a fraternity or asking a friend to help you out in the middle of a bloody recitation, but when it comes right down to it, you have to beat yourself at your own game.

I sound freakishly sentimental when I'm not even through with it yet! I guess what I want to point out is that I've come to my full senses, five semesters too late, and I'm ready to finally bring it.

I mean, I should be. There's nothing more I want right now than to finish law school, get my law degree, and find out what the future holds for me. I don't really have a clear picture in mind as to what I want to do, which is why I admire my boyfriend. He had everything figured out during med school, knowing what specialization he wanted to take and where he wanted to go. And now that he's finally a doctor in residency, he's making it happen. And it's happening right before my eyes!

I guess that's the kind of realization you have during law/med school, and dammit, it's the realization I want to have while I am still in it!  More than anything, really, I'm just happy that my perspective has changed.

I will get to the finish line, and I will get there before others do.