Wednesday, July 20, 2011

On Post-Breakup and the Perks of Living Alone

My ex is an asshole, and I don't even think he understands why. He would call or text me up to tell me about his recent date, and how he has a "gut feeling" that this guy's the "one". I have no qualms about talking to him every now and then, but for the life of me I can't understand what he wants me to say. Congrats? Get a room? How about, you're a fucking moron?

While on one hand, there might be a tiny part of me that feels a slight pang of jealousy, I can't help but want to ask him: tanga ka ba? How on earth can you believe that you're meant to be with a person you've only met for a little less than a month?? 

I just hate people who act beyond leaps and bounds of logic! I would think that our failed relationship would at least teach him something about taking everything slow and the disadvantages of a long distance relationship...but to me it seems as if he grew backwards. I would think someone with decent scholastic records would be able to think within the confines of reason. But no. 

That being said, I don't think he it's my problem any longer. If he wants to meet up with random "good-looking" people in some gay networking site, fine. I'm just not a fan of him calling me up to tell me the sordid details of his misadventures. 

Anyway, maybe this is the point where I should be saying that I'm sort of seeing someone. Sort of. There isn't an official record or something of it just yet....

I've just been so busy. Lawyers, upperclassmen, and law professors who said that sophomore year would be the easiest....well, they were lying. I've had to double my efforts, memorize everything, but still, there's no guarantee that I'll slip through unscathed! 

So yeah. I'm happy. I go to class, trying to prepare myself for all the cases and laws assigned. I join friends when they dine, whenever I want to. At night I go home, and either work or study. Sometimes I do the latter in coffee shops or the library. I'm as normal as a normal law student can be.

Don't get me wrong. There are random wtf moments when I would just dig a deep hole in a matter of seconds, and feel really depressed. Like a few moments ago. Why do I feel as if I'm the one who was left in the dark? Why do I want to take revenge? You know, the usual thoughts that pass through the broken-hearted. 

Through it all, I know that I'll rise from this. I trust myself enough to know that I'll see myself through this. A little bird told me all I needed was time :) 

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Real Comeback Entry

I've been trying to blog again, promise! But if you think I'm not writing enough, I'd be the first person to tell you that it's not because of the depression or anger, two apparent themes in my previous entry.

It's about time to revisit to the main purpose why this blog was set up in the first place: law school. I remember how much of a struggle it was to me--living away from my family, plunged into a strange and foreign environment, forced to mature beyond my years.. Okay. Maybe I'm not mature enough just yet. 

All factors and circumstances considered, I must say: what I underwent in the past year seriously changed a lot in me. I don't even think I should spell out what those changes are--res ipsa loquitur.

Second year into law school and here I am. Practically living all by myself and still struggling to make the dream come true. Some efforts of mine have paid off--I landed somewhere up there last year. But this, for sure, is never a guarantee of what will happen this coming year. I simply have to try harder under harder circumstances.

In fine, what I mean is that I'm in a generally better place. I may have lost love, but I realize: waiting for the person I can watch movies and television series with, be quiet with as we read books all night, and talk to about everything should be worth the wait. That's what I'm after. No more of the teenage rush that's sure to last for no more than a few lingering moments.

Now, back to my cases.