Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Three Things on a Wednesday

Today will officially go down as one of the most embarrassing moments in my life. Let’s just say God finally made me pay for all my sins: I pulled a Charlotte…more or less. Maybe more. If you watched Sex and the City a couple of times to know what happened to each character by heart, then you probably know what I mean.

In hindsight, it’s probably a hilarious experience. But really, when you’re there, you just pray really fast and hard in a way I didn’t think was possible by me. I can’t even bear to talk about the details without fear of causing irreparable damage to my image…if I even have one.


I’m a very bad fairy godmother. I gave myself the task to find G, a gay blockmate of mine, a date within the week. G is a perfect example of how unreasonable and often unreachable the standards set by the gay community are. For someone who graduated with honors from one of the top universities and is currently in law school, his ego is…well, let’s just say there’s almost nothing there. When you look at him, he’s really not all that bad looking. He’s articulate and can even speak a few languages. But the homosexual world is just a cruel place to live in.

So anyway, I spent a lot of time trying to find G a date. I put his needs before mine and flirted on his behalf. I even asked referrals from the few gay friends I have. In the end, I got him a date. My ex.

Someone should’ve told me that was a wrong thing to do! Or that I should’ve picked up the signal when G said it would be weird both for me and him. But anyway, I insisted. To cut the long story short, what we have is an ex who didn’t get the date he wanted, G who felt even more insecure and ugly, and me… who doesn’t even care.

Now here I am politely asking for one more chance from anyone in the gay world...ANYONE. Any takers?


I’m getting fat. This is an important announcement because I’ve never gotten close to reaching the appropriate weight requirement for my height. I’ve been thin all my life that I’m just not prepared to go the other way. But alas, I am.

This definite realization crept up on me when my extra small sized clothes started betraying me. Wearing them means having to be constantly but discreetly in touch with my lower back in fear that an inappropriate amount of flesh can be seen by the public. Or stopping myself from sleeping in the library, because then an even more sizable portion will be revealed.

Isn’t there supposed to be a rule book for unsuspecting teens who are suddenly gaining weight after a lifetime of malnourishment?


  1. hahaha! sorry naimagine ko lang how you pulled a charlotte. hehehe

    maybe you're adding some muscle mass? hehe.:P

  2. Arwind, three things.

    1) If God finally made you pay for all your sins, does that mean you get a clean slate?

    2) Setting up someone is always tricky. I've learned it is best to let everyone meet everyone casually. That way, there's no pressure. It's like you're just introducing a friend.

    3) Perhaps it is time for a wardrobe change. After all, you are growing up =)


  3. MSC,

    Muscle mass. Hahaha. And no, don't even start imagining what happened!


    1. Well, I didn't think of that... but now that you said it...yeah. I get a clean slate! So technically, if I die right now, I'm going to heaven. Yay.

    2. And really? It' tricky? Well that's one more thing I learned today. Haha.

    3. Hahaha. Funny, to think that I'm "finally" growing up after 20 years.

  4. i'll try to find G a date too!! ano ba requirements niya? -miguel A.

  5. OMGGGGG mee tttoooo im getting FAAAAAT hahahaah i never reached my appropriate weight for my height too. but now, tama na siya. so sad MIGGGGEEEDDD :|