Friday, November 19, 2010

Who are you?

I woke up from a 5-hour sleep, fully aware of what lied ahead: another mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting day in law school. But I had a few minutes to spare, so I decided to check my social networking accounts. Now, I rarely get messages from random people (except this one time when I was flooded by messages, apparently because of an acute and irrelevant television stint…don’t ask, hehe). I was quite surprised then, that I had a message in Facebook. It said, and I quote:


You don't know me, but I know you a little. We have a common friend, (Flower Boy), whom I guess has been a great part of your life.

I don't know if this is right (messaging you), but I guess I have to.

(Flower Boy) and I were x-es, and just recently, I was trying to have him back to my life. Our conversations, unfortunately, include you as a topic. It hurts my ego of course, and I can't do anything to erase you in his mind and heart.

Anyway, I had to end our thing. I can't stand hearing and seeing him being in love with somebody else, while me hanging by a thread. Yes, he still misses you and oh boy, it hurts.

Ikaw, minamahal ka nung tao. Wag mo na siyang pahirapan. Sana mahalin mo rin sya. Ingatan mo si (Flower Boy), please. Ayoko na din masaktan.

Hmm. Amusing. I replied back, if only because I was beginning to turn into this sorry sap for love. I said, and again I quote:


Wow. That was a bit surprising. Anyway, (Flower Boy) and i... We never really went 'there', for me at least. We just had a few dates and i ended it before it even began.

Maybe you can hang on a bit more. Things might work out for you. I'm a sucker for happy endings and i hope you two have yours.

Love is too strong a word and even i won't use it for as long as i can help it. I wasn't in love, and am still not. So yeah, i wish both of you luck. :)

But, Flower Boy’s ex persisted. So he said, roughly and almost unbelievably five minutes after my above reply:

Well, he fell in love with you. And he kept on telling me he needes (sic) to move on for months and months like a real break up.

I deleted him as a friend here in facebook and other social network sites even YM. He doesn't want/love me anymore (I'm sorry to inject that - I know it's not of your business) but you know, I suggest you give him his closure. He needs it.

Thanks (Arwind).

Was I stunned? Was I offended? Holy fuck I was. Maybe it was the ungodly time of the day, which I confess is partly my own doing. Or the fact that Flower Boy probably used me as a scapegoat for not loving this turd. Maybe it was the probability the Flower Boy commissioned his “ex” to say just what he did.

Or maybe it’s the fact that here’s a complete stranger telling me to: 1) love a person I clearly don’t back; and, 2) give that person the closure he “needs”… I mean, who in the flying fuck is he?

Well, judging by the frequency of my curse words, any person can probably infer that I am pissed off. Because I am. I’ve never had any person tell me what to do, and here’s an alien I couldn’t care less about tell me what to do.

For the sake of diplomacy and the fact that the exchange can go on forever though, I decided to save myself the trouble of talking to him and to just ignore him.

Now that I think of it, I may be violating a certain law by communicating the contents of my private communication in writing. Well, he started it first.

But, wow, I was really pissed.


  1. ui "excellent friend".. ingat lang ah.. bakit nalalaman nila fb mo??
    -miguel a.

  2. I hate people who drag me into their love issues. One time, I had to be like, "Girl, di ko inaagaw boyfriend mo."

  3. Miguel A.
    Don't worry, these are people I personally know. :P Sinong nakakaalam ng Facebook ko? :P

    Yeah! The last thing I want is to be a party to their love lives! But some people can't seem to help it.

  4. Who knows what they're up to. And you never cared too much about the Flower Boy in the first place. So take it easy, and think of it as a prank of sorts, and go ahead with the rest of your morning routine. What you can do to further your peace of mind is to drop by the nearest church, kneel, and then pray that this motherfucker burns in hell.

    Breathe in. Count to five. Breathe out. Shit, doesn't that beat all?

  5. I was amused reading this one. It got me thinking--> Maybe that person just wants to make you feel guilty of the whole thing, at times we just need someone to blame for the things that didn't work out. And possibly, that person is insinuating in one way that you tell *flowerboy to get back to that person...

  6. Momel,
    Yeah, whatever they're up to, I really wish they'd just rule me out of it. Ughhh.

    The S Spot,
    I think the last part you said makes sense. As for the first part, well... haha.