Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nice Imported Things

I'm going crazy. Since I was in first year college, I've either been working during summer vacations or crazily working on org activities that I practically never really took a day off. Now that I am on sembreak, I made it a point to relax and not to work...although fine, I did take one writing project.

So anyway, what have I been doing for the past four days? Aside from desperately digging dirt that needs cleaning, I am on Modern Family Marathon. The series is very funny, but what really makes me stay and watch is this:

Hot Lawyer :(

Hello, sir, why don't you have topless pics? :<

All this ogling took me back to a time when I knew I was gay (or not straight, whatever the label for that is) but wouldn't admit it. And, during that time, I had it in for this one:

My eyes, they're burning!

The perfect Christmas present :(

Why do nice things have to be imported? Where can I get one of those? Not getting what I want drives me crazy!!!

Which reminds me: I have yet to find a room to move out to. What I did was to look around the university: Philcoa, Katipunan, KNL, etc....but nothing. I am homeless. Now I'm forced to live for another semester in that hell hole without a signal. I am in a cave.

Sembreak. Jesse Ferguson. Ryan Philippe. I'm having the time of my life.

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