Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sad, alone, and everything in between

On my way home from school, I called up my mom. I told her I got a 5.0 in my recitation. She told me it was okay, and that we all falter down sometime. Before that, I was trying my best to pull myself together. I thought I was immune to the scathing remarks and insults of professors. But I was not.

Isn’t it odd how one decision can turn your life around? I thought law school would be difficult. But I was wrong. This is… this is something I can’t even describe.

She told me I can try next time, and that what happened was totally fine. There was no disappointment in her voice. There was only understanding.

And yet, that alone was enough to make me tremble. That alone was enough to make me feel all the pain and sadness I’ve been trying to suppress.

I went straight to my room. And I cried.


  1. Parang stressed na stressed ka. Yan ba talaga gusto mong gawin?

  2. @Ex jason, I think I want to be a lawyer, it's these things that are too much for me to bear. Haayyyy.