Sunday, July 18, 2010


I used to love watching movies alone, especially during my self-proclaimed single days. What's not to love? I don't have to answer a friend's question whenever s/he'd get 'lost' or endure painful side comments.

I guess you could say I missed the feeling, so I asked my boyfriend if he'd allow me to watch one. He hesitated, but he knew he couldn't stop me anyway. So he agreed.

The last full show didn't have a lot of people in it. There's this guy who kept on talking to me, and I muttered curt responses in between. Hello kuya, obvious ba sa headphones ko na ayokong makipag-usap sayo?!

Anyway, I didn't feel uncomfortable with possible gazes of people behind me. Nor did I hate the fact that I was the only one in the entire row without company. I was in my own little world, just like the old days.

A few minutes into the movie, though, I felt a slight sense of discomfort. I missed him holding my hand inside the theater .I missed him paying attention more to me than the what's happening in the silver screen. I missed him, despite the fact that we just met each other the previous night.

That's when I realized, tang'ina, mahal na mahal na ata talaga kita.


  1. Jeezus! Namiss ko tuloy lalo ex ko. :(

    Anyhoos, I'm happy that you had that realization. Nakakakilig :)

  2. @Pipo and Ex Jason, find a new one! Haha. Kayo pa, haha!

  3. gosh. dati sabi ko ang loser manuod magisa, pero parang narealize kong parang ok nga syang itry.

    nakakatuwa. sana maexperience ko :|


  4. ang masasabi ko lang, everytime you're losing hope sa relationship, try to remember all the good times, kasi i bet, mas marami yun kesa sa crappy moments.

    ok alam ko nagmamarunong na naman ako sa relationships at hindi naman ako good source ng advice lalo na sa mga ganito, but hmm, give it a try. happy thoughts bring GV