Monday, December 13, 2010

Questions. And Answers

Hello, old friend. There's probably no need to say this: it finally happened. That time when I am slipping away from you, simply because I'm too busy not being busy. I'm too busy smelling the roses.

To make up for the lost time, let me answer some few basic questions.

Is he the one?

I don't know...possibly...probably. I still can't brush off the uncomfortable feeling of having to trust myself completely, even partially in fact, to another person. The idea of being in love, a surrender of one's self to another, is an old-age practice. But every time I try to fall deeper I fear that I might hurt myself.

The funny thing is...I know he won't. I'd probably hurt him a lot more than he would do me. In fact I've probably hurt him already more than I realize it.

The fact remains. I like him. Maybe I love him already, but I'm being too smart to get there. Then again, maybe this is the grand karma for all things past.

How's school?

It's crazy. In the midst of all this plagiarism issue, I honestly don't know where I should place myself. When I had him as a mentor last semester, I only remember ill feelings toward him. But who can hate a person who stands up for justice?

When I blog I try to keep as little legalese out of my content as possible. Allow me to stress the apparent though: justice in the Philippines is in the hands of fifteen people who acts like gods and use flawed reason to get what they want. Quite depressing and disheartening for an aspiring lawyer like me.

Also I've finally decided to take evening classes. It will push my plans back by one year, but this is the only way I think I can live for the next few years. By being somewhere else. Or something else other than a law student.


  1. It's all good and then some, Arwind, and I'm happy that you have met with that decision of moving forward or staying inert with what can be the love of your life. Its creamy goodness not found in an Oreo cookie, I tell you, and I suppose you can elaborate on that issue of plagiarism because I love it when cheaters are exposed for the no good liars they are. The Fifteen Gods explanation holds water because it came from a law student, and it is because you are a law student that I have decided to ask you this:

    Arwind, do you happen to use the handle: chronicler_of_boredom elsewhere?

    That was the bottomline.

    Cheers you, Arwind, at Mabuhay Ka! Muahness from Pasig Citehh!

  2. Hahaha. I have no idea who s/he is. Care to elaborate? When/where did you chance upon this person? :P

    Hello Momel! Hello Pasic city! :D