Monday, January 24, 2011

A Manifesto

You're know, you're really something. You come here, and we try to live for the moment. I can't touch you because you're not here...but you're here. I can see your smile, the way you laugh. You'd lean over me and kiss me. And every once in a while you'd sulk because I did something you didn't like. And I'd hug you from behind. You'd turn around and we'd kiss. And those kisses, they have varied meanings. It can mean something as simple as 'see you later' or 'thank you'. And often, on my part at least, it's a message that I'll love you forever, and I'll never get tired of this. I'll never get tired of waiting.

You'd wake me up at 5 am. And I could barely make anything of what's happening. It could be your kiss. It could be you shuffling, still asleep. The sadness of parting in a few hours' time. You'd wake me up at 5 am and before we slept, in all my half-asleep sanity, I thought to myself: I love this person so much. 

So tell me. How do you manage to earn the trust I thought I lost forever. How do you get me through a particularly bad day by saying the perfect words, sometimes even none at all. How do you say sorry when you probably know I'm the one at fault. How do you make me flash images of your smile in my head every single time. How do you make someone want to just make everything as perfect as possible for you. How do you make me live for each moment, knowing that it's one second closer to sliding my fingers against yours. How do you do it?

I'd see you go away. Yesterday. The day after. Tomorrow. Something would well up inside of me. And then tears would form. But it's perfecly alright.I made a choice. That choice. To love you no matter what. 


  1. Wow. I wish i can hear it as well " To love you no matter what " :)

  2. i envy him. i envy you a lot. i hope you lat a lifetime. ***