Friday, March 14, 2014

In (Almost) Closing

In between studying the law and trying to land myself a decent job before graduation, life has been so fast-paced that I can barely stop, breathe, and reflect about the comings and goings of my
Last night I had to deal with… relational issues in law school, and how tired I was suddenly dawned on me.

Sure, I was tired of studying surviving the daily grind, going into a class unprepared and hoping not to get called, the whole nine yards.

But I’m mostly tired of having to deal with people’s shit in law school. I mean, people had to create a Facebook page for airing their grievances, as if the gossip that swirls around the college isn’t enough. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’d only meant to blow off some steam to my partner, when I ended up ranting like crazy.

I guess I should be frustrated that the few friends I gained in law schools are the ones I’m not sure I can trust 100%.

I’m not by any stretch saying that I’m faultless. In fact, I’m probably to blame for the most part. I did this to myself: deliberately missing out on activities, distancing myself, not opening up, and mentally rolling my eyes whenever one attempts to get ahead of the other (which by the way happened far more times than I can count).

The point I’m making is that I’m tired. I’m happy, for the most part, about the progress I have made—how I think I have grown, my perspective towards issues, all that stuff. But, honestly? If I could turn back time? I suppose I would be a little less agitated, more focused at the task at hand, and I would definitely stop looking for love in the wrong places.

But now that four years has passed, I’d say I didn’t do so bad myself. I’m tired, but I’m good.

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