Sunday, September 18, 2011

You Need to See this

If you've been reading my dragging posts long enough, then you've probably figured out that I'm a hopeless romantic who, despite all my failed relationships and unfortunate dating history, still secretly believes that there's someone out there for me. Someone that fits who I am. Like a glove. Maybe that person has already come, but that's another story.

The point of this entry, actually, is to share this trailer I came across. If you can't view it here, go to instead. (Hehe, sorry, too lazy to make a proper hyperlink)

Just this week, I decided to terminate a friendship with a close friend in law school. He's one of the few gay people I'm comfortable enough to share my personal secrets with. And what do I get? One lazy evening, while we were talking in jest, he told me that I'm much gayer than he is, that I've had much more relationships than he has, and other qualities I was honestly surprised he even considered.

There are at least two lessons that I can cull from this. One, that his tendency to be condescending and patronizing, which I thought was perfectly fine with me, has taken its toll on me. For someone with so many insecurities, he certainly has a way of dealing with and judging people the odd (for lack of a better of word) way. Second, maybe I don't understand the dynamics of gay relations at all. In any other gay relationship, it might have been a perfectly acceptable mode of conduct. I actually think the latter holds more water, but that doesn't make me any more comfortable with how attacked I felt.

Don't get me wrong; the termination of friendship is not as dramatic as it may sound. I guess I just disappeared from his affairs--an act which I am apparently pretty good at.

Other than the constant threat of failure in law school hovering around my head, nothing really remarkable has been happening in my life lately. I guess you could call my day-to-day life as boring. The happy kind of boring :)

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  1. i can relate akr. hopeless romantic here too. =) kaya siguro ginawa ng Diyos na isa lang ang puso natin, that is for us to spend our life searching for its perfect pair. ^_^ okay lang ang failed relationships, its where we learn, where we gain more experience to become a better person and a better half for our hearts' respective pairs. ^_^