Saturday, August 20, 2011

Midterms in Law School

are quite over. This is by far one of my worst performances. I was out of focus most of the time, somebody I dated had been badgering me to get into a relationship with him, and I was just out of it. Law school, the entire of it.

Oh, I also received a text message. This friend of mine saw my recent ex and his new guy, whom he met and got together with less than a month after we broke up. Hah. They were apparently strolling around in the same university where I study.

Today I received news that a friend of mine thought that being friends with me could only go so far. I am, according to her, the type who would only open so much, who can only go so far for friendship. I don't exactly contest this... I'm not the happiest person. I have so many issues, so many insecurities. I can be quiet and reserved, and although I can really be funny when I want to (assuming that we're talking about the same level of humor), I would rather find error in things....

But I can be fun, too! History is fun, music is fun, movies are fun, reading is fun....especially when all these are done alone!

I guess something's really wrong with me then?


  1. You love your alone time, that's all.

    That was me remapping what could have been finding error in things. :)

  2. Some people are just more comfortable in solitude. I, for one, am. So it's not wrong to prefer the silences. Just different.